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Find out about scrappage scheme support from CarTakeBack

Scrappage scheme support

CarTakeBack provides a scrap car recycling network to the public and businesses. All CarTakeBack recycling centres are equipped and authorised to treat vehicles in accordance with environmental regulations, and our Customer Services Team have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest standards of service.

We have a successful history of handling vehicle scrappage on behalf of various parties, including the UK government lead scheme from 2009/10, during which our network handled 60% of the vehicles surrendered. Since then CarTakeBack has continued to be the preferred scrappage provider for many more independent schemes operated by the vehicle manufacturers.

All vehicles scrapped with CarTakeBack are recycled responsibly – ensuring that an end of life vehicle is recycled, recovered or reused. In the UK we have exclusive service partnerships with major vehicle manufacturers including the likes of Ford, Renault, Nissan, Peugeot Citroen and Jaguar Land Rover.

How we can support your scrappage scheme

We are fully set up and ready to support you with a national network of recycling centres, as well as having systems and staff to provide management and administrative services to suit your requirements. We can support and manage scrappage schemes quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Find out more about how we can work with you to support your scrappage needs…

Local Authority clean air zone sign in the street

Council, Government and Transport Departments

Are you launching a scrappage scheme? We have years of car recycling experience and can support your scrappage scheme needs.

Find out how we can work with your department >

car dealership, person being handed new car keys


Are you offering customers a scrappage scheme? We can handle the collection and recycling of your scrappage vehicles.

Find out about how we can work with car dealerships >

MOT centre, person under a car on ramps working on it

Garages and NCT Centres

Are you looking for somewhere to sell your scrap cars? We can arrange the collection of scrap cars and NCT failures from your site.

Find out about how we can work with NCT centres and garages >

Vehicle manufacturer, machines building cars

Vehicle Manufacturers

Are you interested in offering customers a scrappage scheme? We can handle the collection and recycling of vehicles and tailor a scheme to your requirements.

Find out about how we can work with vehicle manufacturers >

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