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CarTakeBack launched in Ireland in 2015

We provide an easy online service for you to sell your old car, whatever the condition. We buy scrap cars at the end of their life, as well as buying old cars, faulty and damaged cars, write-offs and NCT failures, even those that still have some miles left in them but may need repairs. We don’t just buy petrol or diesel cars either we can also handle electric and hybrid vehicles!

The history of CarTakeBack

Established in 2005 in the UK by a group of environmentally responsible shredders, the goal for CarTakeBack was to enable both vehicle manufacturers and recyclers to comply with the statutory environmental and reporting obligations, which were introduced as a result of end-of-life vehicle legislation. This initial objective then led to providing a service directly to the public for them to dispose of their old cars correctly.

The CarTakeBack network

In Ireland, CarTakeBack’s network has steadily grown into an alliance of recycling centres of varying size, each holding an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) permit in accordance with EU environmental regulations. Each site has to adhere to strict regulations, as well as investing heavily in maintaining the correct facilities and equipment to ensure the responsible recycling of vehicles.

Map of Ireland with markers showing where CarTakeBack ATFs are located

CarTakeBack global

CarTakeBack has expanded its first class scrap car recycling service across the globe. CarTakeBack currently operates in the UK, Spain as well as down-under in Australia and New Zealand!

CarTakeBack logos and country maps for each, UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand

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