Scrappage Schemes For Dealerships

Scrappage Schemes Made Easy

CarTakeBack's Scrappage Package makes it easy for dealerships to dispose of vehicles traded in as part of a scrappage scheme. Our dealer portals take the hassle out of the administration, and our network of collectors and scrap car recycling centres offer a prompt, reliable service, all whilst delivering excellent value for each scrappage trade-in.

Logging in to the Dealer Portal

Dealerships can log in to the Dealer Portal using their username and password. If you would like access to your dealer portal, or need a reminder of your username and password, please contact us.

Best Prices for Scrap Cars

Our scrappage scheme dealer portal is the gateway to our instant scrap car quote system. You'll see the best prices for scrap cars, depending on the location, the make, model and weight of the car, so dealers will always be getting the best value. Simply enter the car registration and postcode for where the scrap car should be collected, to get the best deal.

To discuss fixed pricing arrangements, please get in touch.

Convenient Collection Options

You have the option for vehicles to be collected from dealerships, or from the customer's chosen address be it home or work. With scrap cars collected in 72 hours, they won't be taking up space on dealership forecourts.

Scrappage Car Collection

Prompt Payment

Get paid for scrappage vehicles promptly by electronic bank transfer, when we receive your invoice.

Responsible Car Recycling

CarTakeBack ensures that all vehicles recycled under scrappage schemes are removed from the road and recycled, hazardous materials such as oils, batteries and tyres are responsibly disposed of.

Outstanding Customer Service 

Our experienced Customer Services Team is on hand to help with any questions you might have, from supplying log in details to dealers, arranging for cars to be collected, through to organising payment.