NCT failure hotspots are revealed!

Posted on Thursday 24 February 2022 by CarTakeBack

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Almost 1.5 million NCTs were carried out in 2021 and nearly 50% of those failed on the full test. We looked at the failure hotspots across Ireland to see where vehicles are most likely to fail. Castlerea took the top spot with a massive 62% of vehicles failing their full test. That's 15% above the national average. Derrybeg also made the number 5 spot but would have been number one for dangerous faults which came in at 11%.

Top 5 NCT failure hotspots

1. Castlerea - 62%
2. Cavan - 60%
3. Clifden - 57%
4. Carlow - 56%
5. Derrybeg - 55%

NCT Failure Locations  

Top 5 reasons for failures

The top reason for failures was front suspension which accounted for almost 7% of failures.

Top NCT Failure Reasons

The most tested vehicle make in 2021 was the Toyota. We looked at the makes that received the most passes or fails on their full NCT tests. Of course, the age of the vehicle, usage and mileage will all play a huge part in whether it passed the test.

Top 5 makes that recorded the most NCT fails

1. Chevrolet (68%)
2. Citroen (58%)
3. Vauxhall (56%)
4. Alfa Romeo (55%)
5. Daihatsu (55%)

Top 5 makes that recorded the most NCT passes

1. Porsche (62%)
2. Lexus (62%)
3. Dacia (61%)
4. Skoda (60%)
5. Hyundai (60%)

The National Car Test (NCT)

The National Car Test (NCT) is a compulsory vehicle inspection programme in Ireland. Cars older than 10 years must undergo an annual inspection, while vehicles younger than 10 years must be inspected every 2 years.

The National Car Test helps to reduce the number of road accidents by identifying defects such as faulty brakes, worn tyres and defective headlight aim. The test also helps to improve air quality and protect the environment by reducing exhaust emissions.

What if your car fails its NCT?

If your car fails its NCT and the cost of repairs are more than the value of the car, scrapping your car may be the best option. You can get an instant quote and arrange free collection of your car.

* All statistics from the NCT website

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