Scrap Your Volkswagen Car Responsibly

Is your Volkswagen too broken for repair? You can still get a fantastic price for it by scrapping it with CarTakeBack. Whether it’s your Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf, or Volkswagen Arteon, we’ll take the hassle out of getting rid of your car and pay you the scrap value.

It’s simple to get an instant, free, online quote. Plus, it’s tailored to your specific Volkswagen - taking into account the value of scrap metal, its reusable parts and your location.

Our customer service team is on hand to help and sort all your paperwork!

Is recycling my Volkswagen with CarTakeBack environmentally friendly and responsible?

CarTakeBack is an established scrap car recycling service in Ireland. We responsibly recycle car parts and ensure we safely dispose of any harmful materials from your Volkswagen. This ensures any hazardous substances do not end up in landfill or harm nature.

Get a quote to scrap you Volkswagen instantly

Fill out our easy, no-obligation form and we’ll give you the highest possible price for your car. You’ll see it on-screen right away and we’ll guarantee it for seven days.

Simply tell us your registration and location here:

When it’s time to scrap your Volkswagen Tiguan, Jetta, or Passat Saloon, we’ll take the hassle out of getting rid of it.

If your scrap car isn’t a Volkswagen, not to worry, we recycle all the makes and models on the market. It might end up as a shiny new Ferrari!

How do I get my scrap car to CarTakeBack?

With branches across Ireland and a free collection service, it really is simple to recycle your car.

With lots of local centres, we’re never far away if you’d like to drop off your scrap car. When you’ve accepted the quote for your Volkswagen, we’ll send you directions and a map. Appointments aren’t needed, simply show up when we’re open.

If you’d prefer, you can let us know a time and date, and we can come and collect your Volkswagen, right from your doorstep. The perfect solution if your car is no longer working or it’s not insured. We’ll aim for the shortest possible time-frame for collection.

Where is my local CarTakeBack centre?

Find out here.