Responsible Car Recycling Of Audi Vehicles

Do you have an Audi car just sat in the driveway? Too damaged to safely take a ride in? Although a top-quality car brand in Ireland, even Audi’s don’t last forever. Here at CarTakeBack, we can responsibly recycle any model, whether that’s your Audi A1, A6, A4, or your Q2.

We provide numerous benefits such as instant quotes, a free collection service and the paperwork is sorted for you.

How do we recycle Audi cars in an environmentally friendly way?

All of our CarTakeBack branches in Ireland are registered and approved to recycle cars.

In order to protect the environment, the scrap cars are depolluted by removing toxic elements such as batteries and tyres, and these are safely disposed of. We recycle as much of the remaining parts as possible (plastic, glass, metal).

How much will I get for my scrap Audi?

Our free, online quote tool works out the value of your car, and gives you the best deal. Simply enter your location and car registration:

Whether you’re scrapping an Audi A8, an Audi Q5, or another model, CarTakeBack is a reliable choice.

We recycle any scrap car brands, whatever the make or model. Our prices are tailored to your car and you’ll know it was scrapped responsibly, without harming the environment.

Our branches are all across Ireland

With a huge range of options for where and how to scrap your car, we make the process as hassle-free as possible. Choose between dropping your car off at a local branch or we can arrange to collect your car from you at a convenient time - for free!

Find your nearest CarTakeBack.

Our customer reviews

John from Dublin who recycled his Audi A4 said this about CarTakeBack: ‘The site Is very easy to use.’