Car Recycling For Renault Vehicles

Renault are one of the top car brands in Ireland, but even the best cars can’t last forever. If your Renault has come to end of the road, you can recycle your Twizy, Clio or any other model with CarTakeBack. We’ll give you a free quote to show you how much you could get for your make and model. We even make the process as easy as possible with our free car collection service and sort the paperwork.

Will my car be recycled responsibly?

We are an authorised and registered scrap car recycling service in Ireland. So, you’re in the right place for high-standard recycling. 

Each car goes through a depollution process to remove all of the toxic materials such as liquids, batteries and tyres. They are responsibly disposed of to protect our environment and the remaining car parts are recycled.

Get a free recycling quote

By simply entering your registration and location, you'll get a price for recycling your Renault in the local area. Find out here:

When it’s time to scrap your Captur, Megane, Kadjar, Scenic or any other model, you can rest assured it will be safely and responsibly recycled with CarTakeBack.

It’s not just Renault vehicles we recycle, you can scrap any makes and models with us.

Recycling your car with CarTakeBack is hassle-free

We offer a fast and efficient way to get rid of your scrap car. Make use of our free car collection service – we’ll pick it up for you at a convenient time. Perfect if you’re short on time, your car is no longer roadworthy or it’s without insurance.

If you’d rather drop your car off, you can do that locally. We’ll provide you with a map and directions so it’s really simple. Find your closest branch in Ireland here.

What do our past customers say?

Fergal from Droheda who recycled his Renault Grand Scenic said: ‘The service was very efficient and professional’.

Marie-Pauline from Dublin recycled her Renault Megane and said CarTakeBack was: ‘Clear and very handy, no need for call’.