Using Our Cars Less in 2020 - World Car Free Day

Posted on Tuesday 15 September 2020 by CarTakeBack

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Due to the impact of coronavirus, the chances are that a lot of us have had quite a few unplanned car free days this year, maybe you've enjoyed the quieter roads and cycled to work, walked to work, or worked from home. Either way you're probably well practised for World Car Free Day on the 22nd September!

How Coronavirus impacted our driving habits

2020 hasn't turned out to be the year any of us expected due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. It's certainly impacted our lives in lots of ways, particularly our driving and travel habits. In terms of car use, it's made many of us rethink our daily commutes, our journey to the shops, and importantly, our impact on the planet. As we saw the changes that lockdowns and less cars on the roads had, many of us vowed to use our cars less. Whether less driving has made us, more relaxed because of the reduction to rush hour traffic, save money on fuel and parking, walk, run or cycle more, or maybe we just enjoyed hearing the birds a bit more rather than traffic noises. Will we still use the roads and our cars in the same way as we did earlier this year?

Cycle this World Car Free Day

Leave the car parked this World Car Free Day

If you choose to cycle, walk, run, skateboard, rollerblade, unicycle, pogo stick - ok maybe a bit too far! - rather than drive the car, there's many benefits, to you and the planet. The main benefits are that it can improve your health and reduce emissions. It can also save you money, with the cost savings on parking and fuel. With many of our cities geared up with pedestrians only zones and cycling lanes, your journeys can even be quicker and less hassle!

Ditch driving altogether

We couldn't talk about World Car Free Day without mentioning scrapping your car! Whether you're conscious of the impact driving is having on the world, and your wallet, and are giving up your car for good, or if yours is reaching the end of the road and you're upgrading to something more environmentally friendly, CarTakeBack can help you responsibly recycle your old car or van. Find out more about how to scrap your car >