The Best Valentine's Gifts for Car Lovers

Posted on Wednesday 6 February 2019 by CarTakeBack

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Valentine’s Day is rearing its romantic head. Does your partner have another love in their life… Their car?

Ditch the traditional chocolates, beer, aftershave and perfume and treat them to a thoughtful Valentine’s gift. We’ve put together our favourite gifts for car lovers, to suit all budgets.

1)    Personalised Graphic Car Illustration

Price: £35 (Approx €39)

Available from: Notonthehighstreet.

Simply send them a photograph of your beloved’s pride and joy, and they’ll transform it into a stunning, personalised car illustration. A truly, one-off piece that will last forever.

Emulating a pop art style, they’ll create an image of the front of the vehicle. What’s more? It’s printed with your choice of text on the number plate or you can add a name or car make.

2)    Top Gear Valeting Pack

Price: £17.99 (Approx €20)

Available from: Amazon

Does your other half spend hours admiring their car? They can show their car some more love this Valentine’s Day with the Top Gear valet pack.

The Top Gear 7 in 1 kit includes a bucket, wash and wax shampoo, wheel cleaner, cockpit cleaner, wash mitt and microfibre cloths. With a little bit of muscle, their car will be left looking showroom clean.

3)    Ferrari Badge Cufflinks

Price: £4.99 (Approx €5.70)

Available from: Amazon

These fantastic supercar cufflinks are handmade and laser engraved with the Ferrari badge. Ditch those boring cufflinks, these are a fun accessory to any smart outfit. It’s the perfect (and affordable) treat for that car lover in your life.

4)    ‘Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute’ book

Price: £29.25 (Approx €33.35)

Available from: Amazon

Porsche is one of the most iconic cars from the last 7 decades. Whether your partner is a Porsche 911 admirer, a racing fan or just an all-round motor enthusiast, this book provides endless entertainment and information.

5)    Chester Jefferies Driving Gloves

Price: From £25 (Approx €29.90)

Available from: Chester Jefferies

With these, your partner will look the part of the sophisticated, motor enthusiast. Effortlessly cool, these high quality gloves for both ladies and men come in a range of leathers and colours.

6)    Star Wars Stormtrooper USB Car Charger

Price: $45 (Approx. €39)

Available from: Lifestyle.Brando (They ship worldwide for free).

Does your partner also love Star Wars? If so, this fusion of interests is the perfect present for them. The Star Wars USB Car Charger powers your smartphone from the stormtrooper.

7)    Driving Experience Gifts

Price: From €129

Available from: All Gifts Driving Experience Gifts

From hot laps and stunt driving, to off road, drifting and rallying experience, Red Balloon Driving Experiences offer a wide variety for the ultimate day out for any car fanatic!

So if you’re ready to splash the cash, give that special someone a day they’ll never forget.


Gifting your loved one with something original and aligned with their hobby will certainly put you in the good books. Perhaps you’ll get something even better next year?

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