Step-by-step guide to selling your car

Posted on Thursday 11 March 2021 by CarTakeBack

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Here at CarTakeBack we like to think that we make selling your old car easy, but seeing as it's what we do for hundreds of customers everyday, we probably take some of our knowledge for granted!

To make sure you're 'In the Know', we've put together this simple step-by-step guide, with links to our other useful blogs, so you can use it as a quick checklist for selling your car.

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Choose the best service and price     

Obviously we recommend CarTakeBack! With our free collection across Ireland and instant prices online guaranteed for seven days. Whatever route you choose, our biggest tip is not to wait too long - it's easy to let time go by and cars devalue quickly. You can check out our full guide to getting the best price for your scrap car.

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Remove personal data                    

Once you've got a deal for your car, it's time to prepare for saying goodbye. Obviously you need to remove your personal belongings and maybe take that last selfie with the old motor, but something you may not have considered is removing your personal data! A car's computer stores your data for convenience, but that data is at risk when your car changes hands. There's no need to worry; just like your home computer or mobile phone, the data from your car can be wiped

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This is arguably the most important step in the car selling process, because otherwise, officially you remain responsible for the vehicle! The Department of Transport in Shannon must be notified when ownership is transferred, we answer all the questions you may have about the official paperwork in our FAQs.

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Getting a tax refund                  

Receiving a refund for any unused car tax is a lovely bonus of selling your old car! If you have a minimum of 3 complete months of road tax left on the car you are selling, you can get a refund. It's easy to sort out at your local Motor Tax Office. Our FAQ can give you more information.

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Cancel your insurance                   

Don't forget to cancel your car insurance - you don't want to be paying for a policy you don't need! Your insurance company will manage the paperwork, you just need to contact them and cancel any future monthly payments. 

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Keeping your documents safe      

You won't receive confirmation back from the Department of Transport if the ownership of your car has been transferred, but if your car is scrapped, you'll be issued with a Certificate of Destruction. It's important to keep this document safe indefinitely. We know it can be frustrating storing old documents, but this one is proof that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.


This same checklist will apply to any car sale, so feel free to forward this on to friends and family who may appreciate the guide, wherever and however they choose to sell their old car!